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Anonymous: So me and my fiancé have recently gotten intimate and tbh he doesn't have the biggest dick, it's like 6.5 erect, and when I give him a blowjob, it feels like meh, but when we actually have sex, he feels incredibly thick. What the frick black magic dick is this?


He knows how to use it.

im going to reblog to rant about how girls complain about dick sizes when all it matters is how the boy uses it. no lie I had an ex that was 10in when erect and he had no clue what he was doing…it was uncomfortable and very distasteful…SOOOOO

6.5 is not small 5 in and under is small if you want to get all specific.

but to be really honest smaller is better for me because anything over 5 in hurts me toy or human. the smallest ex I had was 5 at his best and his girth was slim enough. The bigger exes were girthy and owie.

rant over though.